Winter Lights – North Carolina Arboretum

Winter Lights North Carolina Arboretum

If there’s one thing America knows what to do well it’s decorate for the seasons. Everywhere I look there are wreaths, snowmen, fairy and twinkle lights and Christmas trees. The Carolina Arboretum got in on the action with a huge display of Christmas lights spread over their grounds…

And because there’s nothing that says Christmas like a bunch of inflatable decorations in your front yard.. here’s a bonus.

You’re Welcome

Omni Grove Gingerbread House Competition

National Gingerbread House Competition 2014

It’s been a long running tradition for the Grove Park Inn (check out these photos – it’s gorgeous) to host the National Gingerbread House Competition. I spent a lovely evening after dinner going and checking out the display with a friend. I took a few pics below, but check out the link above for proper pics… the creations were incredible!


Pisgah National Forest

Looking Glass Rock - great place for climbers

The big attraction for a lot of visitors to Asheville is the fact there are a number of National parks areas around it. I mean, it’s hardly surprising, everywhere you look there are stunning mountains and forests to walk in.

I have to confess, I didn’t get out and walk much of it, but we did go into the Pisgah National Forest to have a look at a few waterfalls. I was really keen to see if there were bears… sadly none visible, but one of our friends had a close encounter with one that week which was exciting… There are plenty in there, I think if you stuck around long enough you’d have a good chance of seeing one…  In the absence of bears, here are some nature pics…

The LaZoom tour of Asheville

Our Guide and the Naughty Nun

So, now that you’ve see the awesome that is the Blue Ridge Parkway and you’re inspired to get over and visit Asheville… you need to add the LaZoom tour to your ‘to do’ list. It’s an hilarious comedy tour on a bus around the important, notable areas of this quaint, and quirky city. The characters are entertaining, the price is reasonable and the laughs abound. Great fun!

You can see more at their website.. and the pictures below will give you a idea of what their ‘Holiday Tour’ looks like.  There are a couple pictures of houses in the historic Montford district, it was difficult not to get more given that I was taking them through a plastic window. I presume thatthe bus is open air in the Summer which would make picture taking a whole lot easier.




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