Warm Turkey

Miss Lisa and I went on an excursion today, into unknown territory…
Ok, it’s way out west if you look at the difference between Manly and Auburn, but there are actually westier places out there…
Anyway, we went for Turkish food and to meet up with Ian for long overdue wibsite catch up.
It’s actually a really good thing to do. To get out of your geographical comfort zone. We see so much on the telly about the war in the Middle East and the vitriol that’s being poured out by outspoken clerics of a faith not my own, and it has a tendency to make one wary of the parts of town one goes to. And it makes me crazy, because it so isn’t necessary to be afraid. It isn’t necessary to stay away because of hyped up news stories.
I love this city, and while I may disagree with the worldview of our mid eastern neighbours I love that within 40 minutes of my White Bread neighbourhood I can go out for authentic Turkish food, baklava and apple tea that wouldn’t be out of place in Istanbul.
So, if you’re in Sydney, head to Mado Cafe on Auburn Road. (or in Brisbane or Melbourne) And if you’re not? Go somewhere else this week for dinner… somewhere you wouldn’t normally go, I challenge you to live a little bigger than you usually do!
And when the mairtre’d asks you “what brought you to our neck of the woods”?
Tell them Deeleea sent you.

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  1. says

    Oh yeah, there are are WAY Westier places than Auburn! I used to live in Westmead and then eventually westied all the way out of Quakers Hill!
    Sigh….. I miss the diversity of Aussie cuisine!