Rocking the Casbah

It happened.
Mr Upstairs brought home company. At 3am this morning him and this bird, walked/stumbled up the stairs by my bedroom window with no concern for my being asleep.
THIS bird squawked in her half awakeness and they shut up long enough for me to nod back off. I must have done so fairly quickly because I was woken again shortly thereafter by them going off… or going at it… or [insert euphemism of choice here].
Now, you may all think I’m a bit prudish for being bothered about it. If you’ve read my about page you’ll understand why (ironically in my last 5 years of living in apartments this is the 1st time I’ve been any kind of unwitting audience for any kind of [ahem] home-made porn). But there’s a fair bit of ewww attached to trying not to picture what’s going one directly above my bed on the next floor.
Worldly people, please advise, do I have any right to be squicked out ? Is this just one of those facts of life one has to live with when one lives in close quarters?
Sigh, ah well, while I await your sterling advice and before they go for round 4, I’m off to get coffee.
And ear-plugs.

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