Organisation Station


There is less than a month before I leave NSW for the long term… and the list of things to do to prepare is long and distinguished.  But bit by bit I’m ticking things off and, I hope by doing so now, a little under a month before I leave for good, I’ll be well prepared when the fateful day comes.  Realistically, I have to be really well organised because of a bunch of deadlines by which stuff needs to happen in order for the move to occur at all…

Today I had an unexpected bonus few hours to get some of the stupid fiddly jobs done, the kind of jobs you always mean to do, and never get around to… things like

  1. Getting rid of the gas bottle that’s been sitting in the laundry for a couple of years since the BBQ went to pieces and was never replaced. (That’ll be $20 tyvm).
  2. Buying a piece of timber (90x35mmx149mm) to serve as a bed slat to replace the one you stood on and broke in the god knows how distant past… and while you’re there, grab a packet of upholstery tacks with which to re-secure the the hessian tape that’s supposed to join each of the slats together and prevent them moving when you do while you’re tossing and turning in your sleep.  Wonder if you’ll sleep better now that the bed is finally fixed.
  3. Buy one of those tiny cheap hacksaws so you can shorten the broom handle you’re planning to use as a curtain rod in the bedroom.  You might not need to do this but as you’ve lived in the house 6 years, and can’t remember just whether there was a curtain in your bedroom when you moved in, consider it value add for the next tenant. (Or a bonus to help make sure you get your bond back; might be useful as a foil for the shredded carpet you had repaired after Chino used the patch under the bedroom door to sharpen his claws. Repeatedly.)
  4. Investigate the costs of dumping a mattress at the tip (dump, landfill) and find out that at the council tip it’s $30 and at the other private one it’s $55. Make a note to go to the council tip.
  5. Book an appointment for the cat at the vets.  Because she’ll need innoculations against those nasty Victorian bugs… or you know those genearal Australian ones because it’s been heck a couple of years before you got her shot previously… Yes, slack mother, you know except for the part where she never goes outside to catch such germs anyway… but, safety first.  THEN, take said cat to the vet and leave her there so she can have surgery tomorrow.  Rue the fact that the costs will be close to $500.00. Wish you’d taught the cat to clean her teeth.
  6. Book the car in for a service.  12months since the last one (because you rarely use it, except for a short trip across town from time to time) and hopefully get that really irritating noise seen to so you don’t end up in Melbourne on the 25th homicidal from the irritating noises you’ve been putting up with for the long drive, heck, for the last 18months.

What do you do when you find yourself with unexpected hours up your sleeve?


::NOTE:: According to WordPress this post is the 1000th to occur since I started blogging in July of 2004.  I can scarcely believe I’ve been blogging 8 years or that I’ve written that many journal entries… I also wonder if you could call me a blogger considering how few and far between these posts have become…  There will be more postage… just need to blog in those unexpected spare hours instead of running errands…

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  1. MissLisa says

    sounds like time well spent! (aside from the spending bit that Miss Lulu is helping you out with!) and super organised too yay you :)