Sounds different

It sounds different here… over and above the usual hum of traffic there are unusual noises… the rush of a tram as it whooshes past my home, the ding ding it sounds as it’s stopping to pick up and put down its passengers. I won’t lie, I totally love it, and I wonder how long it is before the novelty wears off, how long it is before I cease to smile as another one goes past.

I’m loving the whump of the gas as it lights up ready at once to be at my beck and call. It’s such a relief to hear the increasing volume of the sizzle as it responds immediately to the turning up of the flow. I’ve wanted to get used to that sound for a long time. I wonder too how long it is before that stops making me smile, before cooking with gas becomes routine.

There’s another favourite, a muffled sound (when you’re hearing it from inside the car), the drone of the garage door responding to the press of its button. This is music to one’s ears after years of parking ‘Dolly’ in the street. No sharing this car space it’s all ours, hers and mine, and the sound of that whirr muffled even further by rain? Sweeter still.

Finally, a cheery Kiwi greeting meets me outside my back door. Neighbours who are fully clothed I’m pleased to advise and who are transplanted also from across the ditch have made me feel incredibly welcome. An elderly couple, and rugby fans. I’m already invited to come and watch the next All Blacks match with them. There will be beer drunk to boot I suspect.

Sounds good to me.

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  1. Cheekybugger says

    Weeelll if there is no beer, don’t go back . . .

    Seriously though, me thinks things sound pretty good.

  2. freddysmama says

    Reading this put a smile on my face, ’cause I can “hear” the smile in your voice while I read :)


    • says

      Dang it girl, that one little sentence made me tear up. Miss you hard!!! Wish I’d been there to see Miss Lil strut her stuff. I shall look forward to the video or something xxx thanks for all the pics :)