DAY 106 – Needs Must

DAY 106 – Needs Must

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OK, here’s where I do the shameless manipulative plug for my research paper

<shameless manipulative plug>If you love/like/appreciate me at ALL please take 10 minutes to answer this survey for me. </shameless manipulative plug>
(Who am I kidding, even if you don’t like me, or know me at all, please take my survey!!!)
My Green Survey – The one about Music

It’s easy, won’t take you long and it’s green. Green’s happy, right?

Yeah, take my green survey and get happy… Thanks a bunch. And if you go on the mailing list for the results leave your name so I can thank you in my Dux acceptance speech.

(Snort… let’s just say there’s some good karma in it for you… I’m tight with God, remember?)

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