Scratching the Itch


It’s been a few months since I confessed to being restless, to being ready for a change, to being tired of feeling stagnant and dry and, quite frankly, bored. I posited that it was on my mind to make a move. To change my scenery. And while at the time it was little more than a wish or a dream, in the intervening months it became one that I have been having so repeatedly that I finally started listening to my heart.

The long and the short of it is, I’m moving. After nearly 14 years in Sydney I’m packing up my things and heading south of the border to Victoria, to Melbourne.

I have been loving Melbourne for two years, ever since I drove down there with a friend to move her back to her home state. I’ve been visiting her and a succession of friends who’ve moved there or whom I’ve met in those regular visits and every time I drive in along the Hume Highway, or fly in and catch a glimpse of the city, my heart skips a beat with the possibility of being there. So I’ve decided to listen to that skipping beat, to that whisper of excitement and I’m just going to do it.

I’m excited, I plan to be leaving NSW at the end of October, or early in November, I’ve already culled my wardrobe of clothing I don’t wear and books I won’t want to take, I’m loving, so much, the feeling of shedding the weight of STUFF that’s not necessary to take with me and is cluttering (mostly) my office, and I am BEYOND excited that a new city, new experiences, new friends and a new environment will almost certainly breathe new life into this dusty old blog.

Let alone, new life into a dusty old me.

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  1. says

    So excited for you! Congratulations on listening to your inner self and following your heart. You’re an inspiration! xo

    • Dee says

      Thanks Debra, you’re my inspiration too! Watching you walk through your dreams and plans only helped fuel mine xx

      • Lou says

        Vancouver was awesome, but I’m glad to be back in my own apartment!

        Packing was a joy..i spent a lot of time on excel coordinating stuff :)

  2. says

    Fortune favours the brave! Yay, you go you gutsy girl! It’s so easy for most people to just fall into comfort zones and remain there. Even if the comfort zone in question provides more discomfort than anything else, we endure because it’s just too scary to change it (which we excuse away with that old staple “better the devil I know”). I’ve heard that Melbourne is a fab city. That it has a distinct arty vibe. So a creative like you will flourish there, I’m sure! SOOO excited for you, and will read and follow along breathlessly and inspired.

    • Dee says

      Thank you precious friend! So excited for me and hope that ONE day our paths will cross properly so we can sit down and live in person all the memories we’ve both documented on our blogs!!

      And yes, you’re right, Melbourne is decidedly arty and apparently the world’s most liveable city… I’m so excited I can barely sit still!!

  3. says

    What an exciting time for you Dee. You must be feeling so excited. Lovely that you have so many friends down there. But of course we’ll miss you! xx

    • Dee says

      Thanks Charlie! I’ll miss everyone too, but planning to be back up here pretty often…