On the Move

On the Move

I am forever trying to nut out where I was living in any given year but because they all seem to run together, I’ve decided to figure it out once and for all and post it here so I have some point of reference. You know, just for the next time I don’t want to spend an hour backtracking through my ever increasing number of years to try and remember where it was I was living… and when. So, here goes…

2012 – November – Melbourne, VIC … this is in advance… I WILL be there come November 11… (wait, I hadn’t told you? Yes, we have a date.. and a plane ticket OMG)
2006 – December – Sydney Rd, Balgowlah, NSW
2002 – January – Queenscliff Rd, Queenscliff, NSW
2001 – January/February – Rhonda Ave, Forestville, NSW
1999 – February – Australia – Starkey St, Forestville, NSW
1996 – April – Pah Rd, Onerahi, Northland
1995 – October – Whangarei, Northland
1995 – July – Devonport, North Shore, Auckland
1994 – April – Mount Smart Rd, Royal Oak, Auckland
1994 – January – Glenfield, North Shore, Auckland
1993 – January – Deep Creek Rd, Torbay, North Shore, Auckland
1992 – February – Woodlands Cres, Browns Bay, North Shore Auckland
1991 – October – Ladies Mile, Remuera, Auckland, NZ
1991 – September – New Zealand – Cambridge, NZ
1989 – June – United Kingdom – Richmond, Surrey, then Manor Rd, Teddington, Middlesex, then Twickenham, Surrey
1988 – July – USA – Gaithersburg, MD, USA
1986 – April – Hamilton Rd, SH1, Cambridge, Waikato, NZ
1980 – June – Move to Mills Rd, Bruntwood, Waikato, NZ
1974 – June – Move to Morrinsville, Waikato, NZ
1969 – June – Move to Karaka, South Auckland, NZ
1968 – New Zealand – Born in Auckland, living in Helensville, NZ

There, a blog post. Sorry it isn’t more interesting… there’s plenty going on around here, just trying to find the time to write about it!!

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  1. Have you ever written about what brought you to Australia?

  2. Ha, only just seen that! Pretty impressive, I might just try it myself sometime!!!